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Cadevo - Ponte di Archimede Produzioni ARTS - 2020


The Il Pavone collective, through a research path undertaken in the Sicilian countryside, aims to generate an act focused on the relationship between the permanence of the gesture and the motion generated by it.

This research is also inspired by the life and works of Joseph Beuys.

Il Pavone su Facebook

Requiem - Ponte di Archimede Produzioni PUBLISHING - 2019

Requiem and Other Plays

Ponte di Archimede Produzioni is pleased to announce the publication of the volume Requiem and Other Plays, a collection of six works written and staged between 1996 and 2012 by Elena Matacena.

Preferire l'Ombra ARTS - 2019

Preferire l'ombra

Cassata Drone Expanded Archive - Preferire l'ombra

Artists: James Bridle, Valentina Furian, Paolo Cirio, Il Pavone, Julius Neubronner, Marco Strappato
Curators: Giacomo Pigliapoco, Luca Gennati
Art Director: G. olmo stuppia

In Palermo from the 25th of September to the 30th of October 2019

L'Arca di Pan ARTS - 2019

L'Arca di Pan

Based in Panicale, province of Perugia (Italy), Arca di Pan is a space open to all forms of Art. It is established in an old crusher, abandoned for more than fifty years, accustomed to welcome the interdisciplinarity of contemporary languages.

Press release (in Italian)

Itikal Altaii - Le Fave di Babilonia VIDEO - 2019

Itikal Al Taii - Le fave di Babilonia

A video-interview with the Iraqi writer Itikal Al Taii made in Budapest in August 2019 by Genny Petrotta and Giordano Acquaviva. The short-movie was produced by Ponte di Archimede Produzioni and Biblioteca Arkès within the crowdfunding campaign aimed at publishing the first Italian edition of the book “Le fave di Babilonia” (The Beans of Babylon).

Il Pavone - Abaco ARTS - 2019

Il Pavone - Abaco

Made in ROME in the last spring of the 2010s

Conceived inside the lands of Ponte di Archimede Produzioni and in Silvia Marsano's private house in Rome.

“Building an imaginary maze means to reflect and relate to a space, to pass trough it, to destroy it, ascribing a meaning.”

Video documentation

Appunti per un film - Dialoghi con Fabio Donato FILM - 2019

Appunti per un film: dialoghi con Fabio Donato

Selected for the documentary section of the International Film Festival - Laceno d'oro 44 (Avellino, December 1-8, 2019). The movie testifies the meetings happened during about a year's time between photographer Fabio Donato and director Giordano Acquaviva. Moving from the pictures, a private and intimate connection spontaneously arose between them in a dialogue that reached to tell the inseparable dicotomy between Art and Life.

Italy, 2019, 33' - Trailer

La Ricetta FILM - 2018

La ricetta

A recipe with an old story and deep roots revisited by a crew which bears a mixture of cultures and knowledges, where a migrant manpower and a land with its inhabitants' hospitality break down all possible walls...

Italy, 2018, 36'50" - Trailer