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Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Film - 2019

Appunti per un film: dialoghi con Fabio Donato (Notes for a film: dialogues with Fabio Donato)

The meetings between the photographer Fabio Donato and the director Giordano Acquaviva took place over a period of about a year. A private and intimate connection spontaneously arose between them in a dialogue that, moving from the pictures, reached to tell the inseparable dicotomy between Art and Life. There are many stories to be listened in Donato's studio.

Each picture elicits a spontaneous phenomenology enclosed in the spirit of each dialogue, neither dogmatic nor superficial. The way connecting each other has been opened in both directions and has followed the dialectics of confrontation. Together with listening to Donato's stories, a fil rouge unravels through the filmic narrative path: that is the music from the record “Dialoghi del Presente” by Luciano Cilio, a composer friend of Fabio who committed suicide in the beginning of the Eighties.

That listening is not an accident. His music, in fact, plays every time the photographer develops his studio work.

“Appunti per un film: Dialoghi con Fabio Donato” has the same duration of Cilio's record. Basically, it offers the key to enter into the history of Fabio Donato, spangled by encounters with artists like Eduardo De Filippo, Julian Beck, Hermann Nitsch, Nino Longobardi and relevant personalities of the international cultural scene such as Lucio Amelio and Peppe Morra.

The artistic research of Fabio Donato moves from the absence of a clear separation between art and life, and this also inspired the making of a film about him. The movie witnesses how the stories of Fabio Donato and Luciano Cilio are intertwined. But, mainly, the movie is an attempt to retrace the creative process that allows reality to create a piece of art.

Italy, 2019, 33' - Trailer


Production: Biblioteca Arkès and Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Script Assistant: Giovanni Conforti
Sound: Francesco De Marco
Color Correction: Genny Petrotta
Music: Dialoghi Del Presente di Luciano Cilio e Natri#11 inediti di Girolamo De Simone
Production Assistant: Alice Bruno
Legal Supervisor and Authorship Protection: Toti Bellastella
Promotion: Valeria La Pietra
Post Production: The Pink Carpet
Direction, Photography and Editing: Giordano Acquaviva

Info sheet (pdf - Italian)