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Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Arts - 2019

Il Pavone - Abaco

Made in ROME in the last spring of the 2010s

Conceived inside the lands of Ponte di Archimede Produzioni and in Silvia Marsano's private home in Rome.

“Building an imaginary maze means to reflect and relate to a space, to pass trough it, to destroy it, ascribing a meaning.”

ABACO is a site-specific installation made in Rome inside SpazioY. The group Il Pavone reflects upon the juxtaposition between natural models, with dynamic and social spatial features, and artificial ones, summed in this work within the 'maze' concept: a strict geometrical pattern, symbol of constriction, complexity, disorientation and limit .

ABACO refers to the first man-made calculation system, underlining the tendency of human beings to control and overwhelm natural systems. The subjugation of spaces and the consequent urbanisation alter the feelings and emotions of individuals who, in such hostile yet intimate environments, search for comfort and pleasure, growing, developing and ultimately disappearing. To build the structure, the choice of the materials, found in a landfill, has fallen on those elements which recall human residences: doors fragments, windows, marble elements and space dividers. With those, a 12 square meters area (the same dimension of Spazio Y) has been created: an intricate and rough spatial structure. The destruction and burning of this architecture, the distorted memories of an almost unreadable past, a human face loosing his shape and then reacquiring it, all those images are connected with endless and at the same time infinitely small landscapes.

ROME April/June 2019 Spazio Y.

Video documentation

Bio Il Pavone

Consisting of Genny Petrotta, Emilio Orofino, Sergio Minaldi and Domenico Palmeri, for many years the group has been engaged in the design of media installations and audiovisual experiences, which investigate, through a strong relationship with the territory, the relationship between natural and artificial, following many different paths. Juggling between the different media, the group's research tends to a watermark reading of the social aspects that build the relationship between natural and urban landscape.

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