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Requiem - Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Publishing - 2020

Requiem and Other Plays

"Requiem and Other Plays" collects six works by Elena Matacena, written and staged between 1996 and 2012, and originally penned under the pseudonym of Eva Maria Cantor.

It is a book for dreamers, and for all the lovers of history, literature and anthropology. It is about mysterious presences and extreme – therefore misunderstood – characters.

The collection contains "Jakob Kreuzberg's Manuscript", which has been translated and published in Italian, French and Polish. It was also the topic of a workshop organized at the University of Kraków for the students enrolled in the theatre history course, and is now deposited in the Yad Vashem Archive in Jerusalem.

The publication is enriched with Maria Rosaria Omaggio's performance of the monologue "Requiem", included in the digital version and available online for the buyers of the print version.

Born in Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno) in 1947, Elena Matacena studied cinema at the University of Bologna and drama direction at the Paolo Grassi Theatre School.

She attended several workshops with internationally renowned directors, such as Bruce Myers, Maria Stefanache, Luca Ronconi, Ruth Maleczech, and Dijana Milosevic.

She is included in the “Catalogue of drama works” and in the “Dictionary of female drama writers” at the Archive of “Teatro delle Donne” – National Centre of Dramaturgy in Florence. Her works are also present at the Archive of Outis – National Centre for Contemporary Dramaturgy.


Production: Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Author: Elena Matacena
Editing: Milena Ciccimarra
Interpreter of the monologue "Requiem": Maria Rosaria Omaggio

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eBook (ITA)

Paperback (ENG)
eBook (ENG)