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Piano Day Panicale 28/03/2021 Banner - Ponte di Archimede Produzioni
Music - 2021

Piano Day 2021

Panicale, 28/03/2021

On the afternoon of Sunday 28 March 2021, the village of Panicale, a few kilometres from Perugia, will welcome artists, students and piano and music lovers to its eighteenth-century Cesare Caporali Theatre for Piano Day 2021.

An event that adheres to the successful initiative conceived by Nils Frahm, which referring to the 88 keys of the instrument, celebrates it on the 88th day of the year. And in this particular year, gloomed by an unprecedented musical "absence", this day acquires a stronger and clear value of resilience. A sincere and unassailable will to celebrate the piano, but also the whole music and its ambassadors.

Two internationally renowned artists will take turns with the desire to highlight the multiform variety of styles and genres that distinguish this instrument.

Two different pianists, therefore, but united by a passionate service rendered to music throughout their entire life: Bruno Canino and Patrizio Fariselli. The performances of the Trasimeno Music School students will link and complete the program.

The concerts will be broadcast live on Facebook and, thanks to the audio diffusion in the streets and clubs of Panicale, they will be available to the whole village.

The event, with the artistic direction of Maestro Antonino Siringo, is sponsored by the Municipality of Panicale and produced, in collaboration with the Compagnia del Sole, by Ponte di Archimede Produzioni s.r.l.s. and Stazione Utopia Soc. Coop. a.r.l., two companies that operate in the culture and entertainment sector and that since 2019, in Panicale, have been managing "l’Arca di Pan" (the Ark of Pan), an old oil mill that has been in disuse for over 50 years and is now used to accommodate multiple artistic languages.

Piano Day 2021 opens the second edition of Effetto 48, a multidisciplinary review that will culminate in the event scheduled to take place from 23 to 25 July 2021.

Press Release (pdf)